Blessed with an uncommon versatility and a smooth, elegant vocal style, Paul Rich is one of New York City’s most prominent and respected lead vocalists and bandleaders. One of the things that Paul Rich is well known for is the uncommon ability to perform a very wide range of musical genre, and perform them extremely well. When Paul is performing, you’ll often hear someone say, “I couldn’t believe that he actually sang that and sounded so good”, or “I couldn’t believe that was really him”. This unusually high level of versatility is just one of the talents that make Paul Rich such a special entertainer. Don’t take it from us; go to the Audio/Video page, and hear it for yourself. Paul strives for musical authenticity in his performance, and accomplishes this readily.

Paul has also built a reputation for professionalism in dealing with both the public and with other industry professionals. Paul will never say that he can do something and not deliver on it. Whether it’s performing a song, leading a band or being a Master of Ceremonies, you can rest assured that Paul will deliver on his promises to the best of his ability. Paul’s heart is constantly in both his performance and the happiness and satisfaction of his client. He is a true performer and consummate professional in every sense of the word.